Live Aerial Broadcasting ~ London / UK

Live Broadcast and Event Streaming from the sky

Live Aerial Broadcasting

Camfly drones make it easy to broadcast straight from the sky, thanks to our on board full HD transmitter. News and Live Sports channels can take advantage of this flexible and dynamic way to offer elevated views of the event they are covering. Why staying at ground level when you can climb up to 400ft in a blink of an eye and show your event like never before! CamFly Films can provide such footage and bring an extra touch of originality and sophistication to your productions.

Not only by recording in stunning 4K, but broadcasting live straight to your vision mixer. Our eye in the sky, equipped with the DJI Lightbridge system, specially developed for UAVs, can broadcast Full HD uncompressed video at up to 4km with very low latency and is capable of multicasting, enabling multi-monitoring as well as live feed through a 3G-SDI link.

Live Aerial Broadcasting - London, UK