Aerial Photography ~ London / UK

CamFly Films provides aerial photographic stills for a wide variety of commercial uses

Aerial Photography Services

Thanks to the synergy of cutting edge technology, high quality aerial photography just became flexible and affordable to anyone in need of elevated photographs. Shooting stills from GPS/Gyro-stabilized cameras, our aerial photography services will provide you with the photo quality you are looking for – crisp, sharp, up-scalable and technically perfect!

A Superior Choice of Cameras

Using cameras such as the Panasonic GH4, Sony A7SII, Filming in 4K, Full Frame or Super 35, or the Canon 5D Mark III, King of still photography, we have the best option for each job. As part of our aerial photography services, we can offer seasoned advice and provide the best adapted equipment for your project.

London & All of the UK

CamFly Films Ltd is based in London and experienced in aerial photography in and around the London area but we can also operate anywhere in the UK and some parts of Europe.