Rates & Terms

The information below will provide a good idea of costs but please contact us for a detailed quotation

There is no such thing as “small budget”

Aerial filming is not necessarily linked to high figures, and you might be surprised by the value for money of our productions.

Each job is unique and has to be quoted on a case by case basis, but we appreciate that at the early stages of the project, clients like to have a rough estimate of the costs implied. the public price list below may help to get an idea.


  • These prices include all equipment, peripherals and operators.
  • Travel and accommodation are extra and VAT is not included.
  • (Rates for TV/Video Production companies , please call )
All bookings will require 30% of the full amount of the job, paid in advance, to be confirmed.
Weather in the UK is not always reliable. We cannot guarantee that the chosen date for the shoot will be appropriate, and we may have to cancel the flight if it cannot be conducted safely due to windy or rainy conditions. However, we are very flexible and will be ready to postpone the shoot indefinitely until the conditions are suitable.
If a job is cancelled due to the weather, or unforeseeable circumstances and cannot be rescheduled, a part (discussed at the time of booking) will be retained to cover some aspects of pre-production, such as onsite surveys, administrative handling fees, travelling expenses… If a job is cancelled by the client, for any other reason and not re-scheduled, the booking fees will not be refunded but a credit note will be provided.
14 days (unless by prior agreement)

DJI S900 GH4 4K

  • rates_dji-s900-gh4-4k
  • Half Day: 600
  • Whole day: £900

DJI Inspire1 X3/X5 4K

  • rates_dji-inspire1-x3x5-4k
  • Half Day: £300/£370
  • Whole day: £470/£540

DJI Phantom 3 Pro

  • rates_dji-phantom-3-pro
  • Half Day: £270
  • Whole day: £420

Ground Shooting / Editing

  • rates_video-editing
  • Half Day: £250
  • Whole day: £450