Aerial Filming (video) ~ London / UK

CamFly Films Ltd provides aerial video for a wide variety of commercial uses

Aerial Video Filming in 4K

CamFly Films Aerial Video Services offers a new, unique way to look at the world from the air. Our UAVs are able to fly up to 400ft and down to few inches off the ground. Aerial Video is now synonym of flexibility, affordability, ultra high definition quality and Rock steady footage.

Passionate About Flying Cameras

Remote pilots, but above all professional cameramen, we will be able to understand your requirements and deliver the film you expect from us. We will also be happy to provide some creativity and advice based on our experience of aerial work and filmmaking.

London & All of the UK

CamFly Films Ltd is based in London and experienced in aerial filming in and around the London area but we can also operate anywhere in the UK and some parts of Europe.